Interlink is a company designing and building wireless technology decisions, analyzing market directions, technology evolution, and competitive technologies.

    We draw on the following resources:
  • More than fifteen years of experience in the wireless industry
  • Close association with experts in related technology areas
  • Contacts in high technology companies
  • Engineering management experience in small and large companies
  • Technology expertise in software, hardware and data communications
  • Work on creation of 5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases, and applications in 5G and beyond

Wireless Technology Decisions:

We have helped numerous organizations design and realize complex decisions on wireless technology and application architecture

Spectrum Capacity Analysis:

We have sophisticated models for analyzing spectrum requirements relative to usage. We have analyzed on the efficiency of many wireless technologies


In addition to realization of projects, we practice courses on wireless technology and mobile computing in order to form the staff of companies

Test Projects:

We work closely with an engineering and software firms that has deep mobile engineering and programming capabilities. Interlink LLC., a company that has specialized in wireless technology since 2004. Projects include analysis of requirements for mobile broadband, reports on the evolution of wireless technology, evaluation of wireless technology capabilities, strategic consultations, system design and building, courses for staff, network performance measurement, test reports. Interlink is expert on the capabilities and evolution of wireless technology. We have also performed technical evaluations of many wireless technologies including cellular-data services, municipal/mesh Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi hotspot networks, mobile browser technologies, other wireless systems, and social networking applications.